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In 1940 the Upper Canada College Old Boys' Association decided to drop out of The College Times and publish their own magazine, which they called Old Times.

The first issue of Old Times was published in January 1941 and it has evolved to become an Association institution, enabling alumni to stay in touch. It’s published twice yearly, with mailings in late winter/early spring and late summer/early fall, and is distributed to parents, senior students, UCC friends, faculty and staff members, as well as alumni in 72 countries.

Old Times Digital Collection

The Old Times digital collection has been generously sponsored by UCC leaving class of 1972.



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For more information, contact the College archivist via email at archives@ucc.on.ca or in writing at:

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Click on the decade and then the year and month that you would like to view. A digital  copy of the alumni magazine will open in another window.

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1941: January, July
1942: January, July
1943: January, July
1944: January, July
1945: January, July
1946: January, July
1947: January, July
1948: January, July
1949: January, July

1950:  January, July
1951: January, July
1952: January, July
1953: January, July
1954: January, July
1955: January, July
1956: January, July
1956: January, July
1957: January, July
1958: January, July, October
1959: January, April, July, October

1960: January, April, July, October
1961: January, April, July, October
1962: January, April, July, October
1963: January, April, July, October
1964: January, April, July, October
1965: January, April, July, October
1966: January, April, July, October
1967: January, April, July, October
1968: January, April, July, October
1969: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

1970: Summer,  Autumn,  Winter
1971: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1972: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1973: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1974: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1975: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1976: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1977: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1978: Summer, Autumn, Winter
1979: Summer, Autumn Jubilee, Winter

1980: Autumn
1981: Spring,  Autumn
1982: Spring, Autumn
1983: Summer
1984: Summer,  Winter
1985: January, June
1986: January,  June
1987: January, June
1988: January, June
1989: February,  June

1990: March,  June
1991: June
1992: Summer
1993: Summer
1994: Summer
1995: Summer
1996: Summer, Winter
1997: Summer

2000: Summer
2001: Summer
2002: Summer
2003: Summer
2004: Summer/Fall, Winter
2005: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2006: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2007: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2008: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2009: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall

2010:  Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2011: Winter/Spring,  Summer/Fall
2012: Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall
2013: Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall
2014: Winter/Spring, Fall/Winter
2015: Spring,  Winter