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 Ross Durant ’51

Not more than 15 minutes after Ross Durant ’51 walked in the door from his honeymoon, the phone rang. He answered the call and found himself talking to James Coulton, his former housemaster and science teacher at UCC, who was phoning to recruit him to teach Sunday school at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto.

“He said, ‘Ross, you’re going to teach Sunday school for the next three years and you don’t have an option,’” Durant recounts. “I did teach Sunday school and now one of my students is the church’s treasurer, so it must have worked out all right.”

Durant’s strong relationship with Coulton and his family lasted long after the student graduated and went on to Queen’s University and a successful career running the family insurance business and working as a financial adviser. The close family connection endures even though the former teacher has passed away.

“My relationship with Jim Coulton is what prompted me to donate to UCC,” says Durant, who has been contributing to the College annually since 1990. “He was the head of Mowbray’s and that’s where they put me when I came to UCC, very fortunately.”

Durant began making donations to UCC in response to a solicitation and “it just became a constant thing.” He donates to the College Priority Fund because “the College knows best what to do with my money.”

He looks back with affection on his UCC years, noting that he “got into trouble and had good times.”

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