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May 2014 – What’s News?

Help ramp up the UCC-SAC rivalry on Facebook

It’s not just shots on net that count when it comes to archrival St. Andrew’s College (SAC). Our Facebook community is active and engaged, with close to 2,500 “Likes,” but it pains us to say that SAC has almost 5,700.

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UCC volunteers recognized and honoured

Upper Canada College wouldn’t run as smoothly or effectively as it does without the many volunteers from the community who dedicate their time and effort to the cause.

The school recognized the contributions made by parents and Old Boys at a thank-you reception attended by approximately 200 volunteers in the Upper School student centre on May 15. These included, among others: admissions volunteers; Association Council members; class presidents; class ambassadors; Young Alumni Network members; campaign chairs and volunteers; Common Ties Advisory Committee members and mentors.

“You all give your time, energy and skills freely and with no expectation of reward,” said principal Jim Power. “Your hours of service ensure the success of so many school activities and events.”

Click here to read more and view the gallery of photos from the evening’s fesitivities.

UCC welcomes six new members to “Quarter-Century Club”

After a record eight people were inducted into Upper Canada College’s “Quarter-Century Club” last year, another six employees who’ve served the school for 25 years were honoured on May 12.

The six who entered the Quarter-Century Club were: retired chemistry teacher John Eix, who continues to chair the computer management committee; painter Tino Herrera; mail manager and assistant receptionist Vina Kandavanam; carpenter Seyoum Lulseged; Upper School computer science and science teacher and house adviser Kevin Olds; and Upper School English teacher and house adviser Blair Sharpe.

Click here to read more about each inductee.

UCC participation in Doors Open cancelled

The doors are closed, so to speak. Some of you have asked for details about our participation in the popular city-wide event, Doors Open. Due to conflicts with other high-priority events at the school over the weekend of May 24 and 25, UCC won’t participate in Doors Open this year.

Get ready for this year’s reunion and Association Day 2014

Attention classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. This is your reunion year!

Save the date – Association Day 2014

On Saturday, September 27, UCC will be celebrating its 35th Association Day. Bring your family, and come out to renew, reunite and reconnect with fellow Old Boys and friends.

Click here for more reunion information and A-Day details.

Old Boy open sports schedule


Basketball in Hewitt Athletic Centre, 6:30 to 9 p.m. (all year)


Soccer on oval (in the bubble during the winter), 6:30 to 9 p.m. (all year)


Winter shinny hockey in arena, 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. until June 11 (returns Sept. 3)

Summer shinny hockey in arena, 6 to 7 p.m. from June 18 to Aug. 27

Lacrosse on New Field, 6:30 to 9 p.m. from May 14 to Aug. 27


Ball hockey on sports court, 12 to 5 p.m. from April to October

Tennis on outdoor courts only, 12 to 5 p.m. from late June to August


Family pleasure skating in arena, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. from September to April

Please contact Association coordinator Samantha Kerbel at skerbel@ucc.on.ca for more information.

Gifted opera singer and math whiz Conor Healy is having quite a year

Conor Healy is on a roll.

He placed an astonishing ninth out of 17,000 student on the University of Waterloo’s Fermat Mathematical Contest in April and, owing to his opera singing talents, was one of just six international applicants to be accepted at the prestigious Centre for Opera Studies’ (COSI) summer program in Sulmona, Italy. To top it off, the multi-talented Grade 11 student was accepted into the competitive Ontario Youth Choir.

Healy sang the aria “Gial Sole Dal Gange” by Alessandro Scarlatti for his COSI audition.

“I applied to the program because Italy is one of the world’s true centres for excellent music in this category, and it’s really a part of the culture there,” says Healy. “It’s definitely the place to go if you’re looking to develop an interest.”

It’s quite a feat to bridge the arts and math divide with such success, but Healy says he “feels a lot of creativity” when doing both. Though he has his eye on university studies in urban planning, his interest in choral music has been cultivated since boyhood.

“I was just singing something generic in a pre-school assembly and the janitor came up to my mom and insisted she get me into a choir,” Healy says.

Healy was a member of the world-renowned Toronto Children’s Chorus from 2006 to 2010 and enjoyed some incredible concert experiences, including participating in the ninth World Choral Festival and performing with the revered Vienna Boys Choir at the famed Musikverein among other hallowed halls. He’s in a new youth choir for Toronto Children’s Chorus alumni and, to keep the accolades coming, he was just accepted into the Ontario Youth Choir.

“Conor is a fine baritone,” Toronto Children’s Chorus director Elise Bradley wrote in her reference letter for Healy’s COSI application. “He has always possessed excellent sight-singing, theory and organizational skills. He is also kind, mature, dependable and respectful.”

In addition to individual singing coaching, the COSI program also offers language classes, Pilates bodywork specially created for singers and the opportunity to sing in regional concerts.

UCC wins at U.S. Model UN conference

Upper Canada College’s Model United Nations Club came out on top at the Berkeley Model United Nations Conference in San Francisco from March 7 to 9.

The conference was founded in 1952, making it the oldest of its kind in North America, and this year’s edition welcomed 1,800 students from 99 schools. UCC’s delegation, led by club heads Austin Haber and Cole Thompson, was comprised of 20 students from Grades 9 to 12 under the supervision of teacher Matt Griem.

The conference presents undergraduate students with an opportunity to apply what they research and combines academic study with a social atmosphere to give delegates a better understanding of their material. Competition was tough, as the Model UN simulations featured a wide range of committees that sometimes involved hundreds of people.

But when the closing ceremonies came around, UCC’s contingent was presented with the Best Club Award. It became the first Canadian team to receive this honour and puts it in the running to be ranked among the top five Model UN clubs in North America.

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May 2014 – Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!

Young alumni profile: Torey Kohara ’05

The Young Alumni Network (YAN) works hard to increase the profile of our outstanding alumni. We’ll feature a new profile of one of our young alumni, who are less than 15 years out of UCC, in each edition of Old Ties. This month we feature Torey Kohara ’05. This profile was written by YAN member Kaleem Hawa ’12.

As the 2014 Corvette Stingray races along the track, the engine roaring and the music
pulsing, numbers dance along the screen: heart rate, miles per hour, throttle percentage. One thing is clear from this biometric reverse test drive: the driver isn’t testing the car, the car is testing him.

Torey Kohara is a storyteller. Not satisfied with the more traditional moniker of “commercial director” (a term he sees as being “loosely used nowadays”), he focuses on crafting narratives that engage his audience. Kohara’s passion for his work is palpable and imbues itself into his productions.

“I see commercials as a vehicle for storytelling,” he says. “It’s ultimately about intriguing, delighting and engaging people. It’s about moving them to experience something new.”

Others have clearly noticed, as Kohara’s services have been in high demand. He’s produced commercials for Google, General Motors, McDonald’s and Budweiser, among others.

Having begun his career making documentaries, it’s clear that an emphasis on factual
brand representations has bled into many of the commercials that Kohara produces.
From the statistics in the Corvette video (the “first such car in 30 years worthy of the
Stingray badge”) to his rigorously researched “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign for
McDonald’s, Kohara is quick to remind that everything he does “leans on reality.”

Kohara believes advertisements have undergone a poignant transformation in recent years.

“When a brand wants to create a piece of content — a traditional 30- or 60-second short, or something in the digital space — they come to a production company. Once there, if the product is right for me, I get passed a script and I go through a pitching process.

“I think it’s clear that this old guard of the 30- and 60-second shorts is melting away and there’s a new era of digital storytellers that are more multidisciplinary.”

These are the people like Kohara who focus on “interactive sites, branded content and
novel approaches to engaging an audience.”

Kohara continues: “When the format shifts this radically, this allows you to tell stories
in ways that no one has ever seen before. I don’t think I would have been afforded the
opportunities I have, at the age that I am, had a digital revolution not come about.”

With that, the conversation turns to Kohara’s time at UCC.

“The relationships I formed at UCC still endure today. So much of what has come into
play one way or another during my life has been as a result of that — be it someone who is older than me offering me advice or a connection in the industry that makes a project go that much more smoothly.

“I remember being in my last year at Queen’s trying to juggle exams and a documentary feature we were producing. And I remember one of my close friends at UCC recommending I get in touch with Michael MacMillan. So I emailed him and, knowing who Michael MacMillan was, I expected absolutely no response. To my utter surprise, my phone rang 15 minutes later.

“I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. I was about to embark on this film journey essentially blind and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. MacMillan offered me a few pieces of advice that day. I remember him saying that I was at the edge of a cliff
right now, and that the best thing to do was to jump.

“He was encouraging me to make mistakes and enjoy the process of it. It was a piece of advice that has definitely pushed me along throughout my life.

“The words from that day still reverberate with me: stop worrying about what you think you should do and be more concerned with what you feel you should do. I think I have, and I look forward to continuing my learning and honing my skills.”

Co-curricular theatre and graduate internship forge valuable connections between students and Old Boys

By Dale Churchward

The graduate internship initiative was introduced in the 2012-13 co-curricular theatre season at UCC. This initiative sees a young Old Boy, experienced in theatre, bring his expertise to a theatre production at the College.

It’s been a huge success and, as the year wraps up, two Old Boys who’ve worked with the program have spoken about how transformative the experience has been.

Justis Danto-Clancy ’07 directed American Buffalo in the David Chu Theatre in the program’s initial year. James Graham ’07 directed a workshop production of Alphonse in UCC’s Lecture Theatre this year.

Graham appeared in a professional production of New Jerusalem in Toronto last fall and is in rehearsals for two Canadian Stage summer productions: Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and As You Like It. He’s also a founding member of The Howland Company.

Danto-Clancy is the director of facilities and production at The Theatre Centre in Toronto and is an associate member of The Howland Company.

Click here to read more.

Click here to read James Beriker ’84‘s article on “10 things I wish I knew when I graduated college” that was published on May 15 by CNBC.

Read about chaos theory expert Erik Jensen ’95‘s insights on big data.

Click here to read how well Matthew Brennan ’12 did in the “world’s toughest math contest.”

UCC’s Human Rights Advocacy Club presented the feature film Our Man in Tehran, along with a brief introduction and a question-and-answer session afterward from co-director Drew Taylor ’01, on April 11. Drew’s brother, Matthew Taylor ’02, helped produce the film and also attended.

Our Man in Tehran premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and received the “documentary audience choice” award at Cinefest. The film covers the Iranian hostage crisis, with special attention to the Canadian contributions to exfiltrating six American diplomats. It also covers ambassador Ken Taylor’s work on Operation Eagle Claw, details of which were left out of the feature film Argo.

Click here to view the official movie trailer.

Warren Kember ’11, now a student and baseball player at Emory University in Atlanta, has co-curated an exhibit dedicated to Hall of Fame slugger Hank Aaron. Read about it and watch a video regarding its creation here.

Congratulations to all of the UCC community members who participated in the Sporting Life 10K on May 11. A special shout-out goes to all members of Team Wookey, who ran in memory of Jonny Wookey ’08 and raised more money than any other team in the race.

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May 2014 – Alumni Events

Upcoming Alumni Events

Old Boy Spring Sports Day

Celebrate the arrival of spring and participate in a friendly game of cricket, lacrosse, soccer, baseball or ice hockey as part of the College’s Spring Sports Day on Sunday, May 25. All skill levels are welcome.

There will be lunch and beverages in the Foster Hewitt Foundation Lounge of the William P. Wilder ’40 Arena & Sports Complex after the games.

Please click here to register online if you’re interested in participating. Contact Samantha Kerbel in the Association office at association@ucc.on.ca if you have any questions.

Game locations:

Soccer: Oval at 10 a.m.

Lacrosse: Oval at 11 a.m.

Baseball: Commons Field at 11 a.m.

Ice hockey: Arena at 11 a.m.

Cricket: Cricket pitch at 10 a.m. (See more details below.)

The day’s cricket festivities will include two matches: Old Boys vs. Old Boys at 10 a.m., followed by Old Boys vs. the UCC varsity XI squad at 1 p.m. A complimentary lunch for all spring sports day athletes will be served in the arena lounge at 12:30 p.m. Afternoon tea will be served at 3:30 p.m. beside the pitch for cricket players and their guests. Please click here to register or email Kathryn Champion at kchampion@ucc.on.ca.

YAN chair Zach Schwartz ’05, YAN past-chair Blair Guilfoyle ’99 and UCC Development Officer Andrew Reburn ’06 enjoyed the 2013 event at Kultara.

Young Old Boys Night Out

The sixth annual “Young Old Boys Night Out” will be on Wednesday, June 11 at Toronto’s newest tequila bar, El Caballito Tequila Y Tacos. The restaurant is located at 220 King St. W. and owned by Andreas Antoniou ’02.

Young Old Boys Night Out is an annual, exclusive downtown Toronto gathering of young alumni who’ve graduated within the last 15 years. The event, which always takes place in the summer, provides a great opportunity for Old Boys to get together and rehash tales of their glory days at UCC. Whether its stories about favourite teachers, a field trip that left lasting impressions, a successful theatrical debut or highlights from a big game, Young Old Boys Night Out is sure to bring together classmates who haven’t seen each other in a few years (or haven’t seen each other since last weekend) and get everyone revisiting a memory or two.

Young Old Boys Night Out is hosted by the Young Alumni Network. Please click here to register.

Please contact alumni relations and Common Ties manager Lindsay Tarvit at ltarvit@ucc.on.ca or 416-488-1125, ext. 3357 for information about the event and the Young Alumni Network.

Get ready for this year’s reunion

Attention classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. This is your reunion year and your class presidents, along with their planning committees, are hard at work on this year’s activities.

Festivities kick off with class-specific evening events on Friday, Sept. 26. Association Day and the reunion dinner take place at UCC the next day. This reunion shouldn’t be missed. It’s an opportunity to catch up with classmates and revisit the old times you shared at UCC.

Visit us online for more information. See you in the fall.

If you’re interested in getting involved with planning your reunion, please contact
alumni relations and Common Ties manager Lindsay Tarvit at ltarvit@ucc.on.ca.

Save the date – Association Day 2014

On Saturday, September 27, UCC will be celebrating its 35th Association Day. Bring your family, and come out to renew, reunite and reconnect with fellow Old Boys and friends.

Take a school tour of the state-of-the-art new facilities in the Upper School and the Boarding houses. Purchase locally grown vegetables at the Wookey Market, and bid on some amazing items at the silent auction.

Bring your family as there will be lots to do for kids. Kidszone is a great attraction. It has an obstacle course, a bouncy castle, face painting and games. All guests can enjoy free popcorn and ice cream. There will also be a barbecue lunch and UCC sports paraphernalia.

And of course, you will be able to cheer on the UCC Varsity Blues football team from the hospitality section located on the balcony of the arena.

A-Tunes @A-Day needs you!!

Got a group? Got talent? You Gotta perform!

A-Tunes @ A-Day is a community-wide talent show. And we’re looking for great talent, like yours.

This year, A-Tunes @A-Day will be featured on the main stage from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Old boys, students, faculty and staff are all encouraged to participate. So dust off your old guitar, call up your buddies and come and belt out a few tunes on A-day.

For more information about A-Day and the talent show, contact Maria Karakoulas.

Past Alumni Events

Reunion dinner brings Old Boys together

Eighty Old Boys from the class of 1963 and earlier spent the evening of May 7 reminiscing with friends during Upper Canada College’s spring reunion dinner.

Graduating classes spanning the years 1940 to 1963 were represented, and it was the first time that the 1963 class was invited after celebrating its 50-year reunion last fall.

Gavin Clark ’40 was honoured as the oldest Old Boy in attendance, while Logan Varey ’52 amused and entertained his colleagues in offering grace before everyone ate.

Andrew Callahan, who graduates this year, performed his last duty as head steward by speaking during the dinner.

A number of Old Boys saw how much things have changed since their school days when they toured the Upper School to check out recent renovations in the SAS Fitness Centre, the Intermediate Division wing, the creativity centre and the third floor science labs.

Click here to view the gallery of photos from the evening’s festivities.

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May 2014 – Common Ties Mentorship
May 2014

Common Ties Mentorship

Eighth Annual Finance LunchNet

Date: Thursday, June 12

Time: 12 to 1:30 p.m.

Location: Fasken Martineau LLP, 333 Bay St., 24th floor

This event presents a great networking opportunity for those who are working in or interested in working in finance-related industries. Lunch will be provided.

Please click here to register.

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May 2014 – Annual Fund

May 2014

There’s still time to support the UCC Fund

Thank you to all the Old Boys who’ve made a donation to this year’s UCC Fund.

Your continued support and commitment to the vision and mission of Upper Canada College is greatly appreciated.

Many ask: Why support the UCC Fund?

The answer is easy: Your support ensures that a new generation of boys get the full benefit of an UCC education like
you did.

Donations to the UCC Fund support all areas of the College, from facilities to academic and co-curricular programs to our growing financial assistance program.

Help create a lasting impact today by supporting the UCC Fund. Click here to donate online. It’s a simple, secure and convenient way to provide support for the College and the program of your choice.

Please contact annual giving manager Joanne Weedmark at 416-488-1125, ext. 2000 or jweedmark@ucc.on.ca if you have any questions about the annual giving campaign.

Thank you again to everyone who has participated in this year’s UCC Fund. Your participation is what counts, and it makes a difference.

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